Is it time to check-in? What happened to my dreams? What happened to our dreams? Is it too late?

When is the last time you spent talking to your partner about their life dreams? Do you know your partner’s life dreams? If the answer is no, then it’s time for a talk. And, yes, dreams can change. We live in a fast-paced world and can get caught up in the busyness. Not only can we forget what our partner’s dreams are, we can forget what our own dreams are.

Take a sincere interest in your partner’s dreams. Know every detail of their dreams and their plans to make their life dreams come true. It’s important to validate one another about your dreams. Start by accepting each other’s influence even if you thing their dreams sound unrealistic. This is also known as, compromise. All dreams are important, regardless of how big or small they may seem. And, this doesn’t mean you give up on your own dreams.

Now, it’s time to start creating shared meaning in your relationship. There is no time better than the present to start creating shared dreams for your relationship. That is why the present is a “present.” Set aside time in the New Year to discuss your own dreams and how you can support one another, and at the same time create shared dreams. Remember, each person in the relationship gets a turn being the listener and the speaker.

When you start the conversation it’s important to create a plan that will build rituals around your shared dreams and also discuss the legacy you would like to leave behind. It’s important to be flexible and accepting of one another’s dreams. Not only will this nurture the friendship in the relationship it will also build love and respect.

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