“Perhaps there could be no joy on this planet without an equal weight of pain to balance it out on some unknown scale.” Stephanie Meyer

We’re all searching for balance, although this may sound simple, in our work hard culture. We hear about people burning out all the time, maybe, you feel burnt out. We can’t go back, so there is no point in dwelling over the past. Here are four helpful tips for balance in The New Year:

  1. Pick your priorities. Many of us grew up with our parents telling us we can have it all. Although, I’m for having a fulfilling life: rewarding career, happy family life, running marathons and an active social life. It’s important to find what is fulfilling and works for you. Stop trying to impress everyone else and take care of yourself. Remember you have your whole life to fulfill your dreams.
  2. Take a broader view of what balance means. A lot of conversations about balance focus on the balance that people can find on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunately, this isn’t always in our control. Work and family can be demanding. Remember, there is always tomorrow and don’t be too hard on yourself. A lot of the time things have a way of working themselves out.
  3. Stop and take a breath. I know this sounds obvious. Of course you are breathing; you wouldn’t be alive if you weren’t. The next time your phone rings take one deep breath before answering it. Work in five minutes of deep breathing a day. Make sure it is quiet and you won’t be disturbed. 
  4. Keep it simple. Life really doesn’t have to be difficult. Set aside your own free time. You can go for a walk, watch a movie, etc. Do something that is fun and that makes you laugh. This will really help during the difficult times.
Don’t hesitate, start today. Find your own balance and create a life that is good for you. This doesn’t mean you can’t do things for others. Remember to be mindful of yourself; this will help make you happier when you are doing things for others. For more help please call me at (650) 892-0357.

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