Six Reasons to Be Happy You Are Single on Valentine’s Day

               “Valentine’s Day = Single Awareness Day” Anonymous

I know, here we go again another Valentine’s Day and you’re still single. Everybody tells you it’s no big deal, you still have great friends and family. Here are six reasons to count your blessings on Valentine’s Day.

  1. There’s no Valentine’s Day awkwardness or pressure. You don’t have to worry about whether or not you should buy him a gift or make him dinner, what color roses you should bring her, or what your partners expectations are for the day. There’s no pressure as to whether you should take a young relationship to the next level or not, nor is there an expectation to reignite a lost spark.
  2. Make the day about you and the things you love. You hate roses but love carnations – so buy yourself some. Stay in and indulge in the guilty pleasures you don’t get enough of: favorite foods, trashy television, a bubble bath or new book. Pamper yourself, guilt-free.
  3. You’re going to save money. Valentine’s Day, with it’s romantic dinners, flowers and sexy lingerie, can get pricey. Instead, count your financial blessings and buy those chocolates half price on the 15th.
  4. You can celebrate where you’re at right now. Be grateful you aren’t in a bad relationship. The future is open to endless beautiful possibilities. Choose hope, rather than self-pity.
  5. You have a great excuse to hang out with your single friends. Whether you’re gushing over Valentine’s Day chick flicks together or rebelling with horror films and Chinese takeout, Valentine’s Day can be a great day of bonding. If you’re disappointed to miss out on a candlelit dinner, host a semi-formal dinner party that celebrates friendship and singleness. (Being single doesn’t mean you have to go without champagne, either.)
  6. You won’t get dumped on Valentine’s Day.
Valentine’s Day isn’t only about celebrating romantic love, it is about celebrating all types of love. 

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