Month: June 2013

Single Again! Now What?

By Lianne Avila / June 24, 2013 /

As I look at the man sitting across from me, Nathan. He says to me, “I can’t believe I am 45 and single, again, I never thought this would happen to me.” He asks me,” how will I communicate with my ex, will I always feel lonely, and how will I handle dating?” He doesn’t…

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Eight Signs Your Teen is Depressed

By Lianne Avila / June 17, 2013 /

This post is dedicated to teens. If you have a teenager, then you know they affect your relationship. Which is why I am writing this post. Teenage depression isn’t just bad moods and an occasional angry outburst. It’s a serious problem that impacts every aspect of a teen’s life. Teen depression can lead to drug…

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7 Tips for Self-Soothing

By Lianne Avila / June 10, 2013 /

In today’s world we all work too much or are taking care of others. This doesn’t leave much time for ourselves. In today’s busy world we often forget about ourselves. Some of us have been taught that it is selfish to put ourselves first or that we shouldn’t think of ourselves. I’m here to tell…

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Is your job bad for your relationship?

By Lianne Avila / June 3, 2013 /

The American Dream – five days out of seven, you wake up, go to work, leave work, go to bed. If you’re working full-time, then there is no way around it. You spend half of your waking hours at work. Research has shown that when you are in a relationship, it’s important to spend time…

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