Month: October 2013

When going through treatment for breast cancer, GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK.

By Lianne Avila / October 28, 2013 /

If you are going through treatment for breast cancer, or you have gone through treatment for breast cancer, then you know how physically and emotionally draining it can be. When I think back to the days that I had chemotherapy. I wanted to keep going but eventually it did catch up. I felt like I…

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Unexpected Detours: Three Tips for Breast Cancer Patients

By Lianne Avila / October 21, 2013 /

“It’s the not knowing aspect of breast cancer that increases the emotionality in regard to all your relationships.” Katherine Puckett  Breast Cancer’s Relationship Toll: For many women breast cancer is not only a major physical battle but it is also an emotional battle. It can affect every relationship in your life. From friendships to romance,…

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Dating After Breast Cancer

By Lianne Avila / October 14, 2013 /

Now, the good news, you have been treated for breast cancer and have found out from your doctor that you are cancer free. You went through treatment single or now you have become single after being treated for breast cancer. You may feel apprehensive about meeting new people and dating. You may be nervous about…

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Dating and Relationship Advice for Men and Women – Why Are You Still Single?

By Lianne Avila / October 7, 2013 /

So many of my single clients ask me, ‘why am I still single?’ They feel they are doomed in relationships. I ask them, “are you truly being honest with yourself?” How open are they to their friends and family’s constructive advice? How open are they to therapy and taking a closer look at themselves? Many…

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