Month: February 2014

9 Ways To Know You’re In The Right Relationship

By Lianne Avila / February 24, 2014 /

I hear this all the time, ‘is he/she the right one for me?’ In a time where there are more single people than there have ever been, and there is more betrayal than ever. People have a hard time trusting that they will pick the right partner for themselves. The first step is loving and…

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Want the Life You Have

By Lianne Avila / February 10, 2014 /

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” Arthur Ashe I have seen a lot of people in my practice and many of them come in, because they want to make changes in their life. They aren’t happy with the life they have. They may feel anxious or depressed. I tell…

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Do The Same Problems Keep Coming Up In Your Relationship?

By Lianne Avila / February 3, 2014 /

“10% of conflicts is due to difference in opinion and 90% is due to the wrong tone of voice.” Vla Mariz Since I started the Gottman training in 2011, I have seen a lot of couples. One thing they always tell me is that, ‘we keep fighting over the same things.’ When they come in…

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