Month: August 2014

Five Signs You’re Depressed But Don’t Know It

By Lianne Avila / August 25, 2014 /

Depression affects many people. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 19 million Americans suffer from it. At some point in their lives, 10% to 25% of women and 5% to 12% of men will become clinically depressed. The ever changing economy and job market doesn’t help. Depression is real and needs to be taken…

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Rebuild The Friendship In Your Relationship

By Lianne Avila / August 18, 2014 /

When you rebuild the friendship in your relationship you will increase the intimacy in your relationship. Many couples want help with this. It’s true for both, men and women. The best way to improve the intimacy in your relationship is to work on the friendship. Here are five tips to help you do so: Express…

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Don’t Let Your Emotions Control Your Life

By Lianne Avila / August 4, 2014 /

“Remaining optimistic will help me experience joy.” Is it time for a new outlook on life. Don’t worry; many of us have done it. We let our mood take over and let go of our rational side. It’s never too late to change. Just as negative behavior is contagious, so is positive behavior. Start by…

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