Month: October 2014

Five Simple Tips For Relationship Bliss

By Lianne Avila / October 27, 2014 /

“The relationship between husband and wife should be one of closest friends.” B.R. Ambedkar Relationships really don’t have to be difficult. It’s important to maintain a healthy attitude about your relationship. Here are five helpful tips: Couples that play together stay together. In The Gottman Method for Couples, we have found that the longer couples…

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Five Signs You Have Anxiety

By Lianne Avila / October 14, 2014 /

We all get nervous or anxious, now and then. But, what happens when the worrying doesn’t go away? Here are five signs that you may have an anxiety disorder of some type: Excessive worry. This is when the anxiety is so bad that it interferes with everyday life. It interferes with your work and relationships.…

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Intimate Relationships and Breast Cancer

By Lianne Avila / October 13, 2014 /

I let got of the anger and pain in order tolet new beginnings into my life. If you’ve had breast cancer, then you know the toll it can take on your body and self-esteem. Breast cancer not only affects the person diagnosed, but it affects the people that are close to them especially their partner.…

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Stupid Won’t Fix Stupid

By Lianne Avila / October 6, 2014 /

  “Do small things with great love.”   The Gottman InstituteI’m sure you’ve heard that before. One of my favorite tools that The Gottman Institute has is The Four Horsemen. I have spent a lot of time going over this with couples. I often hear, he/she started it. Just because your partner has done something…

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