Month: March 2015

Little Things Often

By Lianne Avila / March 30, 2015 /

I’m sure you’ve heard it before. The little things add up. Well, The Gottman Institute has proven it with science. The little things build trust and intimacy in a relationship. Ever wondered why, that one little thing really upset your partner? There are ways to avoid this from happening. Think of your relationship as an…

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3 Reasons To Embrace Rejection

By Lianne Avila / March 23, 2015 /

“Everyday is a fresh start.” Unknown We’ve all been rejected at one time or another. Whether, we’d like to admit it or not. Nobody really likes it but it is a part of life. It’s easy to have hurt feelings and want to blame the other person. What’s best is to admit your part in…

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Life Happens

By Lianne Avila / March 16, 2015 /

“Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% howwe react to it.” Unsure I’ve heard it all before, ‘We’re just too busy, we’re not having fun anymore.’ As a therapist that specializes in couple’s therapy this is a common complaint. The Gottman Institute has done at least four decades of research in working with…

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Anxiety and Couples

By Lianne Avila / March 2, 2015 /

We hear about anxiety all the time these days. But, what does it mean? Have you ever wondered if you have it, and how it affects you and your relationship? Here is the Burns Anxiety Inventory. If you think you suffer from anxiety, I recommend taking a few minutes to complete this Inventory. 0 =…

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