Month: May 2015

How Strong Is Your Relationship?

By Lianne Avila / May 25, 2015 /

The Gottman Institute has done over four decades of research with couples. This is a quiz developed by The Gottman Institute. Take it and see how strong your relationship is. Answer yes or no to the following questions. I can name my partner’s best friends. I can tell you what stresses my partner is currently…

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Trust and Betrayal

By Lianne Avila / May 18, 2015 /

  We all want to be in a loving relationship, where we totally trust our partner. Dr. Gottman’s research has found that trust is built over time and in small moments. He calls these sliding glass door moments. This is where you can turn towards your partner or turn away. For example, you come home…

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Thank you, Mother

By Lianne Avila / May 11, 2015 /

As you know, Mother’s Day was yesterday. I am so glad that I got to spend it with my mother. I never thought there could be anything worse than hearing you had breast cancer. But, I was wrong. Last month I found out my mother had cancer, marginal zone lymphoma to be exact. She has…

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Relationships Require Sacrifice

By Lianne Avila / May 4, 2015 /

  “Never love anybody that treats you like you are ordinary.” Oscar Wilde Even the very best relationships require some sacrifice. How committed you are to the relationship is related to the quality of the relationship. A relationship is a long term investment. Think of it like you are saving for retirement. The more you…

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