Month: December 2015

10 Questions You Must Ask Your Partner

By Lianne Avila / December 21, 2015 /

If you are in a relationship, then you must read this article. It will help deepen your connection with your partner. This is a time where you would think people are more connected than ever, because of technology. When, actually, they are less connected than ever. It could also be that people are holding themselves…

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How To Divorce Proof Your Marriage

By Lianne Avila / December 14, 2015 /

Marriage is a journey. When you first get married it is easy and blissful. You look forward to seeing one another. Over time the newness and the excitement wear away. You get used to one another and it may start to seem routine. Over time couples can get lost during this phase. Life gets busy,…

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How Is Your Emotional Bank Account?

By Lianne Avila / December 7, 2015 /

Your emotional bank account is similar to your regular bank account. The more deposits you make the more it grows, the more withdrawals you make the less it grows and it may eventually close. This is just like your relationship. You need to focus on making deposits rather than withdrawals. This doesn’t mean that you…

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