Month: March 2016

Stay Engaged After Marriage

By Lianne Avila / March 28, 2016 /

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” Maya Angelou As many of you know, I see many couples in my practice. One thing I hear a lot from the couples I see is that, “I wish it could be like it was when we first met.” To many couples this may sound difficult,…

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Manic Monday

By Lianne Avila / March 21, 2016 /

Seven Signs That You May Need Couples Counseling: Do you feel like your relationship is chaotic? I hear this all the time, ‘the house is a mess, I can’t get anything done, you are always complaining, why didn’t you tell me this before we got married, our friends don’t come around anymore,  I never thought…

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Three Things To Stop Fighting About

By Lianne Avila / March 14, 2016 /

Before and After Money, sex and the children. I have seen many couples in therapy over the 14 years I have worked as a Marriage & Family Therapist. I have found that many couples have problems on the surface and they need to address the problems underneath the surface. After being in a relationship it’s…

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How To Develop A Realistic View Of Love

By Lianne Avila / March 7, 2016 /

Six tips to help those in pursuit of a relationship. 1) Act How You Feel (Within Reason): We’ve all been around couples that bicker in public or make nasty passive aggressive jabs all the time. When we air out our dirty laundry too readily, we make others feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, pretending your…

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