Month: May 2016

Why Gratitude Is The Key To Getting What You Want In Life

By Lianne Avila / May 23, 2016 /

Maybe you weren’t expecting this but I’m going to talk about depression in this article. Depression affects many people. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 19 million Americans suffer from it. At some point in their life, 10%-25% of women will become depressed and 5%-12% of men will become depressed. Depression isn’t fun and…

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10 Deposits You Can Make To Your Emotional Bank Account

By Lianne Avila / May 9, 2016 /

“Catch your partner doing something right.” The Gottman Institute I’m sure you are familiar with a savings account. You start a savings account by making a deposit. If you continue to make deposits, then your savings account grows. If you only make one deposit, then your savings account doesn’t grow. Apply that concept to your…

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Everyone Will Be O.K. If You Take A Day Off

By Lianne Avila / May 2, 2016 /

”I’d really like to take time off, but I feel guilty.” ”I just can’t get motivated or stay focused.” ”Life has been overwhelming.” Have you ever said any of those things? If the answer is yes, then you need to read this article. “We try to convince ourselves that feeling overwhelmed and stressed out and…

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