Month: June 2016

Being Single Doesn’t Have To Suck

By Lianne Avila / June 28, 2016 /

So many of my single clients ask me, ‘why am I still single?’ They feel they are doomed in relationships. I ask them, “are you truly being honest with yourself?” How open are they to their friends and family’s constructive advice? How open are they to therapy and taking a closer look at themselves? Many…

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Relationships Are All About The Friendship.

By Lianne Avila / June 20, 2016 /

“No friendship is an accident.” -O. Henry, Heart of the West Marriage doesn’t have to be complicated or even difficult, what couples need to make a marriage last is friendship – says Dr. John Gottman. Friendship is at the core of a strong marriage. Friendship in a relationship means couples know each other intimately. They…

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10 Common Cognitive Distortions In Relationships

By Lianne Avila / June 13, 2016 /

We all have an internal dialogue and at one time or another we have misread our partner. You can’t always believe what your mind tells you. Learn what distortions in relationships you are using. Here are ten cognitive distortions in relationships, you want to stay away from: Negative predictions.Overestimating the likelihood that an action will…

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Tired Of Being Called Defensive, Here Are 5 Strategies To Work On It.

By Lianne Avila / June 6, 2016 /

“A pure and lasting relationship, has fights, has trust, has faith, has tears, has hurt, has laughter and has weird stupid and unnecessary arguments.” Kemmy Nola “You are so stubborn!” “Whenever there is a problem you always blame me!” “I’ve never been able to pursue my career it’s always your career first!” “I just can’t stand…

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