Month: January 2017

Tired Of Feeling Stressed Out At Work? Then, Read This Article.

By Lianne Avila / January 19, 2017 /

It happens to all of us. The phone won’t stop ringing, people keep asking you the same question, or your boss hasn’t noticed the extra work you have done. It feels like it will never end. You’re ready to scream. More and more people are reporting, that they feel stressed out at work.  According to…

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10 Simple Ways To Reduce Stress

By Lianne Avila / January 17, 2017 /

We’ve all heard about and have experienced stress. We live in a fast paced society. Everything must be done now. This is not realistic and can cause unnecessary stress in our lives. It’s important to slow down and experience “being in the moment.” We are always worried about the future. We really can’t predict the…

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6 Little Behavior Problems Parents Shouldn’t Ignore

By Lianne Avila / January 12, 2017 /

Everyone always says, ‘It’s no big deal just ignore it.’ That strategy is alright some of the time but not all of the time. Ignoring mild misbehavior is a legitimate parenting strategy. It shows your little one that his/her antics won’t get your attention. This means he/she will be less likely to repeat it in…

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10 Easy Ways To Be A Fantastic Parent

By Lianne Avila / January 10, 2017 /

Parenting is no easy job. It’s also a job that never ends. If you have taken on this job, you need to congratulate yourself. You are responsible for the well being of another human being. Parents have a tremendous impact on a child. Now and in the future. Remember Freud, it’s true the way we relate…

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10 Tips To Take Care Of Your Mind

By Lianne Avila / January 5, 2017 /

As a therapist, I hear it all the time. ‘I just can’t do this, or I’m just not good enough, etc.’ It’s easy to put yourself down. We all have an inner dialogue, it’s natural. Unfortunately, many people use it to beat themselves up. This can really bring you down. It’s true, we are what…

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How To Kick Post-Holiday Depression

By Lianne Avila / January 2, 2017 /

After spending time with family and friends, and at holiday festivities, you may find the holiday high is over. Maybe your bank account balance has fallen low after costly holiday gifts, and there is not another work holiday in sight. If you feel like this, you aren’t alone. Many people experience a low in January…

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