Month: October 2017

Take time to get to know yourself when you are single.

5 Tips For Taking Care Of Yourself When You Are Single

By Lianne Avila / October 30, 2017 /

Being single doesn’t have to be a death sentence. When you are single it’s easy to forget that nearly half of the population is single. This means you are not alone on this. This is a great time to explore and do things that you couldn’t do, if you were married. The first thing you…

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You are ready to change your status to, “in a relationship.”

6 Ways To Tell He’s The One (And 6 Ways To Tell He’s Not)

By Lianne Avila / October 26, 2017 /

You’ve been dating this guy for a while. Things are starting to get serious. You don’t want to see anyone else. But, you just aren’t sure if he’s the one. There are always pros and cons in a relationship. But, the right relationship can be amazing. If you want to get serious, then you need…

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It’s not selfish to put yourself first.

How To Fall In Love With Taking Care Of Yourself

By Lianne Avila / October 23, 2017 /

Self care, I’m sure you’ve heard about it. People are talking it about it more and more. The reason people are talking about it, is because people are more stressed out than ever before. You want to get ahead, you want to be a great parent, etc. But, there is a cost. And, the cost…

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A strong willed child can grow up to be an executive.

What You Need To Know About Parenting A Strong Willed Child

By Lianne Avila / October 19, 2017 /

The truth about a strong willed child, is they don’t always see your viewpoint. This is not necessarily a bad thing. This means they can’t be easily swayed to change. But, it can easily turn into a power struggle. What’s most important is that your child, feels like you understand them. Try empathizing with your…

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Work on understanding your problems before trying to solve them.

The 5 Most Common Relationship Problems For Seniors

By Lianne Avila / October 16, 2017 /

Everyone has had relationship problems, at one time or another. A lot of the time, it’s just the same problem over and over. AKA, perpetual problems. It’s natural to want to solve your perpetual problems. But, this doesn’t always happen. Instead, try to understand the problem and see where your partner is coming from. Unfortunately,…

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Learn how letting go will help you feel better about yourself.

What You Need To Know About Taking Care Of Yourself Emotionally

By Lianne Avila / October 12, 2017 /

You take care of everybody else. So, why aren’t your taking care of yourself? Do you feel it’s selfish? Or, you just don’t have the time. Whatever, the reason, taking care of yourself is a priority. If you don’t, you will grow angry and resentful. Part of emotional self-care is staying in the present. It’s…

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Thank You For Signing Up

By Lianne Avila / October 10, 2017 /

Your signup has been submitted! As a thank you, here is a free download of my ebook: “What To Do When You Don’t Feel Heard In Your Relationship” | Download

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Your child is happy when they feel loved.

Why Isn’t My Child Happy? 5 Things To Consider.

By Lianne Avila / October 9, 2017 /

We all want our children to be happy. So, what does this really mean? Your children do need to be happy. But, realistically they can’t be happy all the time. Think about it, are you happy all the time. We all have a range of feelings, which include: happiness, anger, sadness and loneliness at times.…

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The best thing you can do for your family is take care of yourself first.

7 Reasons Why Reducing Stress At Work Is Important For Your Family

By Lianne Avila / October 5, 2017 /

Work, Work, Work! When does it end? We live in a society, where you are taught to work hard. You must earn that next promotion! That means endless hours at the office. But, you need to be careful that next promotion can come with a cost. That cost is you and your family. You are…

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Learn the signs of relationship problems, that will get worse if you don't do something now about them.

The 7 Signs Of Relationship Problems, That Must Be Fixed ASAP

By Lianne Avila / October 2, 2017 /

All relationships go through highs and lows. In the beginning, you just can’t get enough of one another. But, after a while things can grow stale. This doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship will end. But, it does mean that you will need to work much harder at it. Sometimes, the signs of relationship problems aren’t…

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