Month: February 2018

Learn how stress reducing activities for adults, can be simple and fun.

The 10 Best Stress Reducing Activities For Adults

By Lianne Avila / February 27, 2018 /

I’m sure you have experienced stress in your life. Whether is was a positive force driving you, like getting that next promotion at the office, or a negative force such as being stuck in traffic. Maybe, your heart starts racing or your palms get sweaty. Whatever the reason, stress is real and happens to everyone…

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You can learn to trust yourself, again.

How To Know If Your Man Takes You Seriously

By Lianne Avila / February 19, 2018 /

I hear this a lot. You really like this guy, but you can’t help but wonder how seriously he takes you. You think about him all the time. You just can’t get him off your mind. You’ve been hurt in the past, so it’s hard to trust your instincts. That is a natural way to…

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All good parents make mistakes.

What To Do When You Find Yourself Asking, “Am I Parenting Wrong?”

By Lianne Avila / February 13, 2018 /

The truth of the matter is, all parents make mistakes. This does not make you a bad person or a bad parent. So many parents feel guilty. You feel you aren’t doing enough for your child. When in reality, you are. You do the best you can with what you have as a parent. What’s…

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Take the time to do the things that you want to do while you are single.

6 Tips For Being Single And Happy

By Lianne Avila / February 6, 2018 /

How many married people have you heard say, ‘I wish I would of taken advantage of my single years.’ Why is it, you just let them slip away? It’s so easy to think of what you don’t have. I think human beings are prone to think this way. It’s true, when you are single you…

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