Month: January 2019

Learn how you can solve relationship problems without fighting. Start with understanding.

How To Discuss Relationship Problems Without Fighting

By Lianne Avila / January 17, 2019 /

Even the best of relationships have problems. What’s different is that couples learn how to repair after an argument. This means that you need to talk about it. I know this is not what everyone wants to hear. This is a great way to help build understanding in the relationship. “You must understand the problem…

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Are you suffering from the wintertime blues? Learn that you are not alone, and what you can do to feel better.

10 Tips To Help You Fight The Wintertime Blues

By Lianne Avila / January 8, 2019 /

Wintertime blues are more common that you think. Especially, if you live in an area that can go for weeks or even months without sunlight. It could also be a sign of brain overload. Which means you are doing too much. When was the last time you stopped and did nothing. Yes, you heard me…

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