Now, the good news, you have been treated for breast cancer and have found out from your doctor that you are cancer free. You went through treatment single or now you have become single after being treated for breast cancer. You may feel apprehensive about meeting new people and dating. You may be nervous about telling people that you have had breast cancer or unsure when to give them this information. You may also feel anxious about starting a physical relationship.

Here are some tips on dealing with dating after breast cancer:
  • Remember, breast cancer doesn’t define you. It doesn’t have to be the first thing you tell someone or something you never stop talking about.
  • If your date can’t handle the fact that you have had breast cancer, don’t waste energy trying to change the situation. Accept it and move on.
  • Make sure your friends and family know you are looking for someone. The best way to meet someone is through someone you know.
  • Be open to new people and new experiences. Surviving breast cancer is a tough experience and it can shut you down. Try to look outward and be willing to connect with new people and new activities.
  • Keep up a supportive circle of friends and family. Just as having breast cancer doesn’t define you, neither does having a partner. Enjoy your life and make the most of it.
If having breast cancer involved having a mastectomy or other surgery, you may have concerns about body image. If you have had surgery, there are options available that can give you a natural body shape. Reconstructive surgery is not for everyone, sometimes after going through treatment women do not feel the need to put themselves through more surgery. 
Your body has changed – there is no getting away from it. Don’t be too hard on yourself, many women don’t like their bodies even if they haven’t had breast cancer. Here are some tips on accepting your new body:
  • Recognize it’s important to accept your new body, but allow yourself to grieve the loss of your breast or breasts.
  • Make it a priority to accept your new body – gradually get used to the way you look naked. Stand in front of the mirror and identify three positive things about your body.
  • Wear clothes that compliment your body and make you feel good about yourself.
  • Get regular exercise and focus on the things your body can do for you.

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