Summer is over and fall is here. This means change is near or has already started. For some, it may have never stopped. With busy work schedules and children is school, you may never feel like you have any time for yourself. Next, the holiday season will be here, and we will all be wondering where the year went. Here are ten holiday coping tips to get you through the season:
  1. Go outside and watch the birds and other animals. Nature is a great escape and a good way to clear your mind. Leave all gadgets behind and just enjoy being outside.
  2. Sign up for a class that excites you at a local college, adult school or online. Make sure it is something fun that will help you keep your mind off of work and family.
  3. Make a list of ten things you’re good at or that you like about yourself when you’re feeling good, and keep it with you to read when you’re feeling upset. This will help you focus on the positive rather than the negative.
  4. Take photographs. Take pictures of the outdoors, a pretty sunset, friends and family. Keep them stored on your phone or computer and look at them when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.
  5. Read your favorite book, magazine, paper or poem. Reading is good for the brain.
  6. Write a story about the craziest, funniest, or sexiest thing that has ever happened to you. Then, tell it to your friends and family.
  7. Plant a garden. Get dirty, dig in the dirt and let yourself go.
  8. Listen to some upbeat, happy music (start collecting happy songs for time when you’re feeling overwhelmed). What you listen to does affect your mood. The more happy and positive the music the better the mood you will have.
  9. Write a letter to God. Tell him all your thoughts and feelings. Ask him questions, see if you find answers.
  10. Make a list of ten things you would like to do before you die. Then, start doing them.
We can’t control the world around us, but we can control ourselves. We are human beings and there will always be difficult times. Remember, life is short try to enjoy it as much as possible.

Lianne Avila is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. She has helped many people get through the holiday season with ease. For more information, please visit

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