Every February 14, across the United States and throughout the world, chocolate, roses and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. The history of St. Valentine has a few different meanings. The Catholic church recognizes St. Valentine as three different Saints. Valentine’s Day has grown to be the second most popular card sending holiday after Christmas. I know, some of you are thinking it’s been commercialized to make money for all the card selling companies. Actually, Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite days. It reminds us about the special people in our live’s and to celebrate our love for one another. Here are some tips that will help you enjoy Valentine’s Day this year:
  1. Feel it.  Allow yourself to feel the love you have in your life with every fiber in your body. There is no other feeling like it.
  2. Trust it. Have faith in the one you love and let go of your fears. It’s only when you involve your whole being that you will get the most from your relationship.
  3. Build it. Spend the day doing something productive with your partner, tell one another what you appreciate about one another. This is a healthy relationship building activity.
  4. Relish it. Savor it let it soak in. Absorb the love. Take pleasure from every ounce of your relationship this will only make it tastier.
  5. Believe it. Feeling deep within your core that you are with the right person is a turn on. This will make the difficult times less painful. 
  6. Bestow it. Give it your all! This will make your partner feel loved. Think about all the good in your life and remember your partner helped you get it.
  7. Enjoy it. Bask in the warmth that comes from being loved. This will help you remember the times you were alone and felt lonely, and appreciate what you have now.
  8. Experience it. Firmly plant yourself in this garden you and your partner have planted. A flower blooms more beautifully that has grown from the seed and is lovingly cared for with your hands and heart.
  9. Adore it. There is nothing better than feeling loved and cherished by your partner. This will help ignite the fire in your relationship. Kissing your partner as if it were the first time you kissed will help keep the passion alive in the bedroom.
  10. Treasure it. No amount of money can buy happiness and nothing is more valuable than a loving relationship. A home without love is nothing but an empty shell.
Remember to trust in the process. We have found that relationships are full of ups and downs, it’s all about how you get through them that counts.

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