“Always speak politely to an 
enraged dragon.” Steven Brust

As a therapist, I hear it all the time. ‘I just can’t do this, or I’m just not good enough, etc.’ It’s easy to put yourself down. We all have an inner dialogue, it’s natural. Unfortunately, many people use it to beat themselves up. This can really bring you down. It’s true, we are what we think. Your thoughts will affect how you feel. Here are five tips to help conquer your inner dragon:

  1. Learn to relax. This is a great way to make your inner dragon go away. Take a yoga class or a meditation class. You can all listen to meditation on your iPod. Take a five- minute break during the day to clear your mind and do some deep breathing.
  2. Have a change of scenery. This sounds simple and it is. Go for a drive on a country road or visit a nearby town. Take a trip to the beach or a nearby lake. This will help mix things up and you won’t feel overwhelmed in your own environment.
  3. Avoid negative people. When you’re depressed it’s not that uncommon to attract negative people into your life. Negative people can drag you further down. You want to be around positive people who will help build you up. This will help decrease depression and help give you a positive attitude.
  4. Don’t label yourself. It’s easy to label yourself by saying ‘I’m depressed.’ This will keep you in your depression. Your label can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Start your day by stating one positive thing about yourself. This will help keep the depression away.
  5. Seek help. This could be a doctor, therapist or calling a friend that cares about you. It’s helpful to talk about your feelings. When you keep them in, it can cause other problems like headaches and stomach aches. 
Life doesn’t have to be painful. It’s not uncommon to have a bad day, now and then. But, you don’t want them to take over. Start your day on a positive note and end it on a positive note. This can simply be saying ‘I appreciate myself and I am grateful for what I have.’ For more help, please call (650) 892-0357.

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