5 Ways To Survive A Breakup

Everyone knows being dumped is the absolute pits. There are many reasons couples breakup. Maybe the love just isn’t there anymore. Remember, you will get through it. In life we go through seasons and one season doesn’t last forever. Here are five tips to help you get you through a breakup:
  1. Do something everyday to help yourself heal. Watch some self-help TV/DVD’s, learn to meditate and never underestimate the power of positive prayer. Exercise, read or call a friend. Pick things that will be fun or beneficial to do them. Take action and don’t let the mood take over.
  2. Cry all you want. Crying is not a sign of weakness. You need to let your feeling out. If you don’t, they can come out in other ways. Like in body aches or a headache. It is healthy to release grief and pain. 
  3. Research. Find out what other’s have done after a breakup. Especially the one’s that are thriving. How did they achieve peace of mind? Look on the internet a read books. 
  4. Find emotional support. There are many support groups out there for the newly single. You can also see a therapist. This will help you process your feelings and learn from the past. Don’t try to tough it out on your own. Support from others is healing. Talking about your feelings of loss is good for you. It will also help you move forward.
  5. Don’t be a doormat. If your ex doesn’t go away and keeps calling you, then be assertive. Tell them you can’t heal with them always being around. If you are being harassed, don’t be afraid to reach out for help.
You were not put on this earth to suffer. You will get through this and be OK. As human beings we are meant to be in relationships. Love will come around, again. Make sure you have healed from the breakup and are ready for another relationship when it comes around. Some alone time doesn’t have to be totally painful. Try to make the best of it. This is a time where you can carve out time for yourself and try things you haven’t had the time to try. For more help, please call me at (650) 892-0357 for a consultation.

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