In today’s society, we are faced with many stresses at the work place. Will the company that you’re working at down size? There are many interruptions, which makes it difficult to focus. If you work in a cube, you may be tired of hearing the person next to you argue with their spouse on the phone. Sleep deprivation is at it’s worst. 40% of adults say they lie awake at night worrying about work. Here are five tips to help eliminate stress at work:
  1. Take a deep breath. Sounds simple and it is. When people are stressed they either hold their breath or start breathing rapidly. Take a minute to notice which one you are. Take a five minute break and breath. Inhale to the count of five and exhale to the count of five. Deep breathing with restore balance and help you focus.
  2. Eat right and sleep well. Unhealthy foods will stress your system. Try not to eat a lot of sugar or processed foods. Make sure to eat a lot of protein and drink a lot of water. Sleep is important it is how you restore your body. If you have racing thoughts and can’t fall asleep. Try to clear your mind and let the thoughts float away. Also, try to remember what you are thankful for rather that what you need to do the next day.
  3. Identify self-imposed stress. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else and seeking approval from other’s. You can’t control other’s opinions or perceptions, so, stop trying to. Stay in the present. We can’t go back and we can’t predict the future. 
  4. Prioritize your priorities. It’s important to understand your role in the organization you are at. Make sure to define what truly is important. This will take clarity. You can cut your to do list by focusing on the projects that will have the most impact and are best aligned with your goals.
  5. Be your own best critic. About 60,000 thoughts stream through your mind each day. Internal negativity can be just as destructive and external stressors. Instead of always putting yourself down or being critical of yourself. Try complimenting yourself or building yourself up. Positive thoughts will help motivate you to achieve your goals and influence others.
You don’t have to let your work control you. Don’t let your job define you. It’s alright to take breaks and make changes as needed. For more help, please call me at (650) 892-0357 for a consultation. 

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