“A great marriage is not when a ‘perfect couple’
together. It is when an imperfect couple
learns to 
enjoy their differences.” Dave Meure
Is it time to test your relationship? How happy are you in your relationship? Here is a test on relationship happiness from the Gottman Institute. Please take it and see how you score.

Right now how do you feel?
Answer true or false

  1. I feel emotionally close to my partner.
  2. I think that my partner really cares about me.
  3. I feel confident that we can deal with whatever problems or issues that might arise.
  4. I would consider myself happy in this relationship.
  5. I feel respected by my partner.
  6. I am committed to staying in this relationship.
  7. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for my partner.
  8. I find my partner very interesting.
  9. I feel that my partner finds me physically attractive.
  10. If I ever needed help I could count on my partner.
  11. My partner really tries hard to meet my needs.
  12. My partner really listens to me.
  13. I am satisfied with our sex life.
  14. I am confident we can handle any conflict that may arise between us.
  15. My partner shows pride in my accomplishments.
  16. I feel appreciated for what I contribute to this relationship.
  17. I really feel loved in this relationship.
  18. My partner really knows me well.
  19. My partner is one of my best friends.
  20. My partner loves my sense of humor.
Scoring the happiness test:
Add up the number of items for which you answered “True.” Multiply this number by 5. 
If your score and your partner’s score is above 80, congratulations! You are reasonably happy in your relationship. You might enjoy enhancing the strengths in your relationship. Otherwise, there is need for some improvement in your relationship. Please call me at (650) 892-0357 for a consultation, if you need help in your relationship. 

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