“The human soul can always use a new tradition. Sometimes we require them.” Pay Conroy

Is there enough romance in your love life? If you answered no, then you must read this article. Romance doesn’t need to be complicated and it actually doesn’t have to cost a thing. Here are three tips to help enhance your romance:
  1. Soft start-ups:  How you start a tough conversation not only predicts how you will end that conversation, but it predicts how it will unfold in your relationship. Yet, couples often start personal topics as if they are at a business meeting. They want it to be efficient and are too demanding. This is all wrong. Your partner deserves a respectful tone. Be thoughtful not authoritative. Practice your soft start-up conversation. State how you feel. For example, I’m worried that if we don’t start saving now for a vacation, we won’t have enough money to go on one this summer.
  2. Sharing dreams and hopes:  It’s very easy to get caught up in the busyness of the world these days. We are always plugged in. We forget to share our hopes and dreams with the one person that matters the most in our life. This is really too bad, given the fun and intimacy there is in talking about a dream and how to make it come true. Most couples find it stimulating to talk about change and adventure. Make sure to set aside time for this. Not only will it be exciting it will build intimacy.
  3. Romance rituals: Rituals are really a basic human need. They have been dated back to Before Christ. Relationship rituals show reverence. I’m sure you already have a few relationship rituals. Many couples celebrate their anniversary, Valentine’s Day and birthdays. How about creating some unique rituals. For example, celebrate the first date you went out on, have a candlelight dinner once a week, or make plans to go to a retreat once a year. 
Many couples come to see me complaining there is not much romance in their relationship. I always tell them that a good friendship is the foundation to a relationship. When you have a good friendship with your partner, you will have romance and it won’t be complicated. Take an interest in your partner and stay in touch with your partner. For more help, please call me a (650) 892-0357 for a consultation.

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