Raising Healthy, Happy Kids

Raising Healthy, Happy Kids

Three Benefits to Saying


I hear this all the time in my practice. 'I don't want my child to only hear no.' And, I tell them their child doesn't always have to hear no. But, they do need your guidance and assurance. I also hear, 'I was always told no as a child and resented my parents for this.' And, I tell them your child won't grow up to resent you, in the long run they will respect you. I also hear, 'I just can't say no." And, as I have said in the past start to practice saying no, and it will become easier. As your child gets older here are the benefits they will learn from their parents saying no to them:

  1. This is how your child will learn to say no. As a Marriage & Family Therapist, I cannot tell you enough, how much I hear this in my practice, 'I just can't say no or set boundaries for myself.' I hear this from adults that I see all the time. I've also noticed that children that have been picked on at school, sometimes their parents have a hard time saying no or setting boundaries with them.
  2. This will help your child feel confident. I also hear this a lot, 'my child doesn't like to try new things they just aren't…

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