Relationship Challenges

Relationship Challenges

Learn how to create more intimacy in your relationship.

Being messy, does have it's problems. You can lose track of valuable items. It can be difficult to find things. It can also create clutter in your mind. This will make it difficult to focus and get things done.

"Can't Stop Being Messy"

But, the question is, will it have an impact on your relationship? A recent study found:

  1. Over 1 in 4 people who live with their partner frequently argue about their home's messiness.

  2. Couples living together, where one was clean and one was messy. Reported a decrease in satisfaction with the relationship.

  3. One in ten people had a relationship end due to cleanliness-related issues. The top reason was one partner was too messy (49.5%).

Does this mean that how messy you are determines the outcome of your relationship? It could, but their are other things to take into consideration. Let's face it, studies have found that your relationship has a 50/50 chance of making it. 

I know you want your relationship to last, but you are always changing. You can't avoid it. Our society hammers into us, that you must stay together forever. That doesn't work for everyone.

It's natural to want intimacy. But, if you're with the wrong person you could be putting your mental health at risk. And, if you think you are doing your children a favor, think again.…

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Learn how pets are good for your relationship.

Is a pet good for your relationship? The great pet debate has been going on for years. Sure, they provide companionship and they will love you unconditionally. Pets are also a good way to see how you would work together as a couple raising a child.

Pets can help your relationship.

I myself am a pet lover. I grew up with cats and dogs, and for a time bunnies. They provided unconditional love to me throughout my childhood and into adulthood. Now, I am a cat owner. One of the best things at the end of the day is coming home to see my cat. My cat is also a great travel companion. If I'm not going on too long of a road trip, I will take my cat with me. If I'm traveling alone, the trip goes by much faster.

When you are in a relationship, it's easy to rely on your partner to soothe you. But, your partner may not always be available to soothe you or soothe you in the way you want. This is where a pet can be helpful. They are always there to soothe you. This will help make you feel loved and cared for.

Here are 5 reasons pets can help your relationship:

  1. Pets can help you get a better nights sleep. Studies have found that people report better sleep…

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Learn what the top 5 selfish behaviors are in a relationship.

Relationships require empathy and altruism. I'm sure everyone at some time or another has felt they are in a relationship with a selfish person. I'm not just talking about a romantic partner. This could be a colleague, friend or family member.

We've all been there. But, have you ever stopped and thought that you may be the selfish person? Are your own behaviors in your relationship holding you back? How altruistic are you?

Studies have found that holding the door open for a stranger and paying your loved ones back on Venmo, demonstrate altruistic behavior. Studies have also found that as you get older you become more altruistic.

Selfish behaviors take a toll on every type of relationship. It's not just limited to romantic relationships. If the selfish behavior doesn't stop, it will eventually end what was once a great relationship.

Here are 5 selfish behaviors to stop now in your relationship:

  1. Taking your partner for granted. Nobody likes that feeling. When you've been in a relationship for a while this can happen. You may even begin to feel better than your partner. When you are in a relationship you need to feel equal. When you begin to feel better than, contempt starts. This is one of the biggest predictors of a breakup in a relationship. It causes resentment. Remember, you can't go back in a relationship.…

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Learn how reading with your partner will increase the intimacy in your relationship.

It's no secret that reading stimulates the brain. But, did you know that there are benefits for your relationship when you read a book with your partner? Studies have found that couples that read together are happier.

Couples that read together have less stress.

Unfortunately, people are more stressed out than they have ever been. This is because you are constantly plugged in. You are on your cell phone, computer, or whatever electronic gadget is nearby. This means that you are always on. 

You aren't a machine. You can't go forever. If you don't stop, eventually you will collapse. Think of your car, what happens if you don't stop for gas or an electrical recharge? Obviously, your car will stop. 

Your brain needs less screen time and more reading time. When you read a book with your partner, it will create a stimulating conversation. That's something that everyone wants.

Here are 10 benefits for couples that read together:

  1. Couples that read together have a more fulfilling relationship. This has been reported by both people in a relationship. This helps create a stimulating conversation, which both people will be interested in.

  2. Couples think more fondly of one another. Reading together helps couples think positively of one another, not only when they are together but when they are apart. This can help couples when they…

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Take better care of yourself, today. This will help you and your family.

Having too much stress, can negatively impact your life. Especially your relationship. When you feel overwhelmed, you may start to disconnect. When this happens your partner will begin to feel left out.

Your partner may also feel they have done something wrong. But, in reality you are feeling overwhelmed from the stress in your life. I see this happen a lot. Life takes over and you put everyone else first. If this goes on too long, you will begin to feel burnt out.

Take better care of yourself, today.

Self-care is taking care of your mind, body, and soul. Start by assessing your needs. Next, take action on that assessment. 

Here are 10 self care tips, that will help you in your relationship:

  1. Get organized to help your self care. This means organizing the space you live in. You want to be able to find your keys and wallet easily. You don't want to have a lot of clutter around. You will feel weighed down. When you bring new things in, clear old things out. This is good for your mind.

  2. Let a pet help you with your self care. Your pet will give you unconditional love. Make sure you spend quality time with your pet. Hug your pet and enjoy spending time with your pet. They have actually been known to help with the symptoms of…

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