Relationship Challenges

Relationship Challenges

Work on understanding your problems before trying to solve them.

Everyone has had relationship problems, at one time or another. A lot of the time, it’s just the same problem over and over. AKA, perpetual problems. It’s natural to want to solve your perpetual problems. But, this doesn’t always happen. Instead, try to understand the problem and see where your partner is coming from.

Unfortunately, sometimes your perpetual problems can drive you apart. Or, they can keep you together. Whatever the case, they do exist. Aging is a natural part of life, we all have that in common. If you have been in a relationship for a while, your problems can change. Instead of worrying about your child eating the right foods, you may be worrying that your spouse is eating the right foods. Or, instead of taking your child to see the doctor, you may be taking your spouse to see the doctor.

You may both be retired, and have more time to spend together. You may be a part of a few social groups. The good news is, you have more time to do the things that you enjoy. The bad news is, this comes with a new set of problems.

Here are 5 common relationship problems for seniors:

  1. Your spouse has passed away. When you lose a loved one, it’s natural to feel lonely. You were used to seeing your partner everyday.…

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Learn the signs of relationship problems, that will get worse if you don't do something now about them.

All relationships go through highs and lows. In the beginning, you just can’t get enough of one another. But, after a while things can grow stale. This doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship will end. But, it does mean that you will need to work much harder at it.

Sometimes, the signs of relationship problems aren't that obvious. 

The thought of ending your marriage, is very scary. It can be overwhelming. You might try to not think about it, but that doesn’t work. Eventually, your problems in the relationship catch up. If that’s the case, then you must do something about them now.

Here are 7 signs of relationship problems, you must fix ASAP:


  1. You talk to your friends more than you talk to your spouse. Your spouse should be your confidant and best friend. You should be able to talk to your spouse about anything. You shouldn’t fear that you will be judged, ignored or made fun of. If you are turning more to your friends than your spouse, then the question is why?
  2. You have nothing to fight about. Rarely, if ever, do you see a relationship where there are no disagreements. Fighting is actually a form of communication. When you stop caring about your spouse, you stop fighting. When you have a disagreement and you are able to resolve it, you learn a lot about your…

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You don't have to feel empty and depleted at the end of the day.

You know you need to take care of yourself. So, why aren’t you? Is it because there are so many distractions? You have work you need to do, or the kids just won’t sit still. It seems there is always a good reason to put yourself last.

When you don’t take care of yourself, you will become resentful. This can lead to many problems: low self-esteem, anxiety or depression. You live in a fast paced world. You are told, ‘It’s never enough.’ This leaves you feeling empty and depleted.

Not only are you hurting yourself, but you are hurting your relationship. You need to take time for yourself and sit back. Take a look at all the hard work you have done. This will not only help you appreciate yourself, it will help you appreciate others.

Here are 5 tips to help you start taking care of yourself when you are in a relationship:


  1. Spend time with friends and family. These are the people that support you the most. The next time you are feeling stressed out, give one of them a call. Instead of talking about what is stressing you out, talk about what you like. Let them know about the latest podcast you just heard, or about the friendly guy you were talking to in the grocery store line. If you can’t…

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Sad woman dealing with relationship problems after a miscarriage.

Having a miscarriage can greatly affect your relationship. I’ve found it can either tear you apart, or bring you closer. No one really knows what you are going through, unless they have experienced it themselves. Your partner may be the one person you feel the most safe with, when talking about this.

No one really knows the reason a miscarriage happens. There can be many different reasons. What’s important is that you don’t blame yourself, and that you allow yourself to grieve. Let yourself feel all of the emotions that you have about the miscarriage. Don’t keep it in. This will keep you stuck, in the long run.

Here are the 4 most common relationship problems after a miscarriage, and how to handle them:

  1. You may feel like giving up on having a baby. You are feeling sad and let down. No one can predict the future. Give yourself time to heal physically and emotionally. You have been through alot, and you need a break. This is a great time to go away for the weekend or take long bubble baths. Make sure you have all the medical help you need. After a while, your attitude may change. When you feel strong enough, you can try again. Many couples have had miscarriages, and have gone on to have happy, healthy babies.
  2. You may grow distant in your…

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It’s a very simple word. But, yet so many people have a really hard time saying it. Why is this? Does it mean you have to admit you are wrong? I’m sure you know, the answer is yes. If you haven’t guessed already, it saying, “I’m Sorry.” And, it’s genuine.

All relationships go through highs and lows. What’s important is you learn to repair, when you have made a mistake. It’s also important when your partner gives you a sincere apology, that you receive it.

Even if you think you had a small part in the argument. It’s important to fess up to it and say, ‘I’m sorry.” Now, wasn’t that easy. I think if more people did this, we wouldn’t need aspirin. If you don’t repair, then you stay stuck. This can lead to all kinds of other problems.

Here are 5 of the most sincerest stories of saying, ‘I’m sorry.’


  1. Give your partner a note with the top 5 reasons they are important to you. This will let your partner know how important they are to you. Let your partner know you forgot about these things when you got into the argument. We all need to hear that we are important. Kind words can go a long way. You can write on nice paper, in calligraphy. If you know how.…

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