Relationship Challenges

Relationship Challenges

Learn why Facebook causes relationship problems.

Let’s face it Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites around. You can share almost anything you want, and at the same time learn a lot about your friends and family. You can also connect with old friends from the past. This can be a lot of fun. But, at the same time it can cause you to feel insecure.

If you are in a relationship, and you start to see your friends and family photos of relationships. That probably shows them happy and in love all the time. You may start to feel insecure about your own relationship, if you are having some problems at the time. It’s easy to compare yourself to others on Facebook. I think this is actually a natural part of being a human being. I think it’s important not to let Facebook dictate your relationship for you.

Here are 7 reasons why Facebook causes relationship problems:

  1. Spending too much time on Facebook can cause relationship problems. Needless to say, this can cause your partner to get jealous. Especially if you are commenting on your friends photos and status all day, rather than spending quality time with your partner. Also, this can allow an ex to see you on Facebook. If your partner would like to spend time with you, and you are on Facebook your partner will feel…

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Are Your Relationship Problems Due To Depression?

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard about depression. You know how depression affects you when you are feeling depressed. But, do you know how depression affects others in your life?

Unfortunately, this is something people don’t talk a lot about. Recent research has found that nearly a third of Americans have or will experience some type of depression. There is one death by suicide every 12.8 minutes. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for people between the ages of 15 - 44.

If you haven’t experienced depression yourself, you may know someone or be close to someone that has depression. Some of the symptoms are: irritably for no apparent reason, prolonged sadness or crying spells, pessimism, indecisiveness, social withdrawal, and significant changes in appetite and sleep patterns. There can also be more symptoms.

If you or a loved one are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s important to get help. You don’t have to go through this alone. Here are 5 tips to help you deal with relationship problems due to depression:


  1. Your emotions feel like the enemy.Although, it’s natural to have a range of emotions. You should be able to cope with them. This is one that can be taken out on your partner a lot. Since, you are usually closest to your partner and spend a lot of time together…

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You can find the “we” in money.

You are told that money will make you happy. Maybe, you didn’t have much money growing up, or maybe you had everything. Whatever the case, you need to define your relationship with money, and not let it control you.

We live in a country that puts a high value on money. This can leave you feeling like you don’t have enough. You really can’t buy love. Money cannot replace the time you spend with your loved ones. It also can’t take back the past or predict the future.

The truth of the matter, is you need money to survive in this country. It will put a roof over your head, clothes on your back and food on the table. This is something everybody needs. So, why is money the root of all evils? For many, money is power and status. You really need to be careful here. If you idolize people with money, you will not see them for who they really are.

Here are 6 types of financial stress in a relationship:

  1. The comparison game.It’s easy to compare your relationship to others. Do you have as much money as them? What is their house like? Do their kids go to private schools? The list goes on. When you compare your relationship to others, you will always feel disappointed. The truth is everyone is at a…

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Work on understanding your problems before trying to solve them.

Everyone has had relationship problems, at one time or another. A lot of the time, it’s just the same problem over and over. AKA, perpetual problems. It’s natural to want to solve your perpetual problems. But, this doesn’t always happen. Instead, try to understand the problem and see where your partner is coming from.

Unfortunately, sometimes your perpetual problems can drive you apart. Or, they can keep you together. Whatever the case, they do exist. Aging is a natural part of life, we all have that in common. If you have been in a relationship for a while, your problems can change. Instead of worrying about your child eating the right foods, you may be worrying that your spouse is eating the right foods. Or, instead of taking your child to see the doctor, you may be taking your spouse to see the doctor.

You may both be retired, and have more time to spend together. You may be a part of a few social groups. The good news is, you have more time to do the things that you enjoy. The bad news is, this comes with a new set of problems.

Here are 5 common relationship problems for seniors:

  1. Your spouse has passed away. When you lose a loved one, it’s natural to feel lonely. You were used to seeing your partner everyday.…

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Learn the signs of relationship problems, that will get worse if you don't do something now about them.

All relationships go through highs and lows. In the beginning, you just can’t get enough of one another. But, after a while things can grow stale. This doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship will end. But, it does mean that you will need to work much harder at it.

Sometimes, the signs of relationship problems aren't that obvious. 

The thought of ending your marriage, is very scary. It can be overwhelming. You might try to not think about it, but that doesn’t work. Eventually, your problems in the relationship catch up. If that’s the case, then you must do something about them now.

Here are 7 signs of relationship problems, you must fix ASAP:


  1. You talk to your friends more than you talk to your spouse. Your spouse should be your confidant and best friend. You should be able to talk to your spouse about anything. You shouldn’t fear that you will be judged, ignored or made fun of. If you are turning more to your friends than your spouse, then the question is why?
  2. You have nothing to fight about. Rarely, if ever, do you see a relationship where there are no disagreements. Fighting is actually a form of communication. When you stop caring about your spouse, you stop fighting. When you have a disagreement and you are able to resolve it, you learn a lot about your…

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