Learn how reading with your partner will increase the intimacy in your relationship.

It’s no secret that reading stimulates the brain. But, did you know that there are benefits for your relationship when you read a book with your partner? Studies have found that couples that read together are happier.

Couples that read together have less stress.

Unfortunately, people are more stressed out than they have ever been. This is because you are constantly plugged in. You are on your cell phone, computer, or whatever electronic gadget is nearby. This means that you are always on.

You aren’t a machine. You can’t go forever. If you don’t stop, eventually you will collapse. Think of your car, what happens if you don’t stop for gas or an electrical recharge? Obviously, your car will stop.

Your brain needs less screen time and more reading time. When you read a book with your partner, it will create a stimulating conversation. That’s something that everyone wants.

Here are 10 benefits for couples that read together:

  1. Couples that read together have a more fulfilling relationship. This has been reported by both people in a relationship. This helps create a stimulating conversation, which both people will be interested in.
  2. Couples think more fondly of one another. Reading together helps couples think positively of one another, not only when they are together but when they are apart. This can help couples when they are going through a difficult time in a relationship.
  3. Reading together boosts intelligence. It’s no secret that reading is good for your mind. Studies have found that reading together can slow down the process of Alzheimers and Dementia. The brain is a muscle and requires exercise. Why not exercise your brain with your partner?
  4. Reading together reduces stressWhen you lose yourself in a great story, the stress begins to slip away. Not only is this good for you it’s good for your partner. When you practice stress reduction with your partner, it is more effective that practicing stress reduction alone.
  5. Reading together increases knowledge. When you have more knowledge you are better equipped to handle problems that arise in your life. This will help your relationship. You will be better able to handle problems together. This will help make you feel closer, which will increase the intimacy in your relationship.
  6. Couples that read together are more productive. Reading improves focus and concentration. In our internet crazed world, you are always plugged in. This doesn’t give your mind a chance to rest. This actually decreases focus and concentration. Plug into a good book with your partner. You will feel closer in the long run.
  7. Free entertainment for couples. Who doesn’t want to save a few bucks? When you look at the costs of going out for entertainment, they can add up. Buying a book is much less expensive. If you don’t want to buy the book, you can always go to the library. This will also give you and your partner the chance to browse together. There is a reading genre for everyone. Take turns with your partner picking a genre.
  8. They find each other more attractive. Sharing a similar interest with your partner, will automatically make your partner more attractive. You will also have a genuine interest in your partner. This will give you common ground and help make each person feel equal in the relationship.
  9. They enjoy a balanced relationship together. This offers couples the essential elements needed in a relationship: love and respect. This is what everyone wants in a relationship. So, start today by reading a good book together.
  10. They are more likely to enjoy one another’s company together. A good book get’s into your imagination. You get to do this together. This will help you get to know one another’s inner world. This is what you want most in a relationship. You want your partner to know you inside and out.

Reading together is a great way to spend quality time together. I think this is one of everyone’s love languages. This will help you grow closer together and give you a deep inner connection with one another.

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Lianne Avila is a Marriage & Family Therapist helping couples in San Mateo, CA who are looking to rebuild a close emotional connection and get their relationship back on track. Please subscribe to Lianne’s newsletter on www.LessonsforLove.com to learn more about her services and expertise.

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