Raising Healthy, Happy Kids

Self-care is good for you and your family.

4 Essential Ways Busy Parents Can Practice Self-Care

By Lianne Avila | March 30, 2020

Learn how a self-care plan will not only help you, but it will help your family.

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Learn how raising a happy and healthy child can be fun.

6 Tips For Raising A Happy and Healthy Child

By Lianne Avila | February 19, 2019

After having counseled children and families for nearly 20 years. I have found there is one thing that all parents have in common: they want to raise a happy and healthy child. So, what will make your child happy and healthy? If you watch T.V., then it would be materialistic stuff. But, what I have found is what children really want is your time. As they get older and look back on life, they will remember the time they spent with you the most. What stops you from spending time with your children? Work, your cell phone, drama with friends…

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Reducing stress in a child, is one of the best things you can teach your child.

7 Strategies For Reducing Stress In A Child

By Lianne Avila | October 2, 2018

We’ve all been there. You are in line at the grocery store and your child sees something they must have. When I say must have, I mean right now. It could be candy or a toy. Whatever it is, doesn’t matter. Your child is making a scene and you are feeling embarrassed. Learn the importance of reducing stress in a child. You wonder, where did this come from? Why is my child being so emotional right now? You tell your child to calm down. But, they don’t listen. People are starting to look, and you feel like the worst parent…

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Now that the divorce is over, you wonder how the kids will manage. I'm here to tell you, you can be an amazing parent after a divorce.

Here Are 21 Tips That Can Help You Be An Amazing Parent After A Divorce

By Lianne Avila | June 12, 2018

Let’s face it, raising your kids after a divorce isn’t easy. You constantly worry how the divorce will affect them. You wonder if you did the right thing. And, co-parenting is not a walk in the park. Try to remain positive, and remember that you can be an amazing parent after a divorce. The divorce rate is nearly 50%. This means, you aren’t alone and you aren’t ruining your kids life. As a matter of fact, studies show children growing up in a high conflict home are actually more unhappy than children of divorce. If you are Christian, this can…

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When you have a child it is a lifelong commitment. Learn how taking care of yourself will make it more joyful.

Why Raising A Child Is A Lifelong Commitment?

By Lianne Avila | May 22, 2018

When you make the decision to have a child, it is a lifelong commitment. Of course, there are different stages. As an infant, your child is 100% dependent on you. The child see’s the parent as their whole world. Of course, this will change. They will become more independent, but they will still need you. What’s important is that your child knows that you love them, no matter what. This means they need your time. This is the best gift you can give them. It’s easy to get caught up in all of your other responsibilities, but they will always…

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All good parents make mistakes.

What To Do When You Find Yourself Asking, “Am I Parenting Wrong?”

By Lianne Avila | February 13, 2018

The truth of the matter is, all parents make mistakes. This does not make you a bad person or a bad parent. So many parents feel guilty. You feel you aren’t doing enough for your child. When in reality, you are. You do the best you can with what you have as a parent. What’s most important is that your child feels loved. When you become a parent, you are led to believe that you are supposed to be an expert as a parent. Truth be told, nobody is an expert at parenting. You usually do what your parents did,…

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parenting expectations vs reality- getting honest about what's really going on with your kids

Parenting Expectations VS. Reality: It’s Time To Tell The Truth

By Lianne Avila | January 8, 2018

Maybe, you planned for your baby. You had it all figured out. You had the perfect furniture for the nursery. You felt supported by all your family and friends. Everything was going to be perfect. Or, maybe you didn’t plan for your baby. You had no idea how you were going to get through it. Either way, after you had the baby you know things don’t always go as planned. You may have had many sleepless night. Maybe, your spouse wasn’t as supportive as you had expected. It took you longer than expected to recover from the pregnancy. The best…

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Your child can grow up to be well adjusted after a divorce.

5 Easy Ways To Be A Fantastic Parent, While Going Through A Divorce

By Lianne Avila | November 3, 2017

I’m sure by now, you know parenting isn’t always as easy as it looks. I think what is most important is that you realize that you don’t have to be perfect. All good parents make mistakes. What’s important is that you learn from your mistakes, and repair after them. Over the years I’ve worked with many children. What I hear parents say the most, is that they want their child to be happy and grow up to be a responsible adult. Many parents are worried that their child is too stressed out, and doesn’t have the tools to cope. Children…

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A strong willed child can grow up to be an executive.

What You Need To Know About Parenting A Strong Willed Child

By Lianne Avila | October 19, 2017

The truth about a strong willed child, is they don’t always see your viewpoint. This is not necessarily a bad thing. This means they can’t be easily swayed to change. But, it can easily turn into a power struggle. What’s most important is that your child, feels like you understand them. Try empathizing with your child and offer them choices. If they refuse to go to bed, offer to read a bedtime story or remind them their favorite stuffed animal is waiting in their room for them. Try to create the win/win scenario with your child. Pick and choose your…

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Your child is happy when they feel loved.

Why Isn’t My Child Happy? 5 Things To Consider.

By Lianne Avila | October 9, 2017

We all want our children to be happy. So, what does this really mean? Your children do need to be happy. But, realistically they can’t be happy all the time. Think about it, are you happy all the time. We all have a range of feelings, which include: happiness, anger, sadness and loneliness at times. If you want your child to be happy all the time, then you are sending them the wrong message. This will lead to disappointment in the long run, for the both of you. More and more, the world is becoming child centric. You really need…

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