Relationship Challenges

Learn what some of the most common relationship problems are, and what you can do about them.

What Are Common Relationship Problems?

By Lianne Avila | September 24, 2019

Relationship problems are a fact of life. After the honeymoon phase is over, problems begin. This doesn’t mean you have to give up. Take a close look at your relationship. Where do you spend most of your time? Are you caught up with the children, or focusing on work? What are common relationship problems? One of the most common problems I see in my practice, is an inability to manage conflict. Dr. John Gottman is a premier researcher on relationships. It’s not surprising that he found all couples have conflict. What’s important is that you repair after the conflict and…

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You can solve relationship problems without breaking up. Here are a few simple tips.

How To Solve Relationship Problems Without Breaking Up

By Lianne Avila | September 17, 2019

There are times where your relationship will feel stressful. You may feel overwhelmed. Not only do you have your relationship to manage, you have outside stressors as well to manage. All relationships go through highs and lows. What’s important is that you can manage the lows in your relationship. Keep in mind that relationships go through cycles. Once you get over one bump, there will be a time that you come upon another one. You can solve relationship problems without breaking up. The good news is that you can learn from your mistakes. These are called lessons. Here are 5…

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Don't let social media ruin a perfectly good relationship.

Learn How Social Media Damages Your Relationship

By Lianne Avila | August 20, 2019

Who would of known that social media would of taken over like it has. I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon. This means you need to get used to it. I’ve always felt if you don’t want people to know something about you, then don’t post it on social media. Does social media damage your relationship? Sounds simple, but you know that is not always the case. I hear this a lot, someone posted something. You thought it was harmless, but then your partners feelings were hurt. If this keeps happening, it will drive a wedge in the relationship.…

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Your relationship will change. Learn how you can get through it.

Why Do Relationships Change?

By Lianne Avila | May 26, 2019

Your relationship will change over time. There are many different reasons as to why your relationship will change. If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, then you know that the honeymoon phase will end. The good news is, this is when you will begin to grow. Everyone has shortcomings. It’s important to build a culture of understanding in your relationship. This will help build a long lasting relationship. Why do relationships change? There isn’t a simple answer. As couples get closer to one another, their negative traits begin to stand out. Your relationship feels routine and is less…

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Learn how relationships problems cause anxiety, and what you can do about it.

Can Relationship Problems Cause Anxiety?

By Lianne Avila | March 31, 2019

More and more you are hearing about anxiety. What this means is that you are stressed out. When you are stressed out and you don’t have a coping mechanism, it will turn into anxiety. So, can relationship problems cause anxiety? The answer is yes. Learn what you can do about it before it’s too late. Studies show that couples wait a minimum of seven years before they go to therapy for their relationship problems. What does this mean? You may already have an anxiety disorder. The truth of the matter is, that if you wait too long you might not…

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Learn how you can solve relationship problems without fighting. Start with understanding.

How To Discuss Relationship Problems Without Fighting

By Lianne Avila | January 17, 2019

Even the best of relationships have problems. What’s different is that couples learn how to repair after an argument. This means that you need to talk about it. I know this is not what everyone wants to hear. This is a great way to help build understanding in the relationship. “You must understand the problem before you can solve the problem.” Gottman Learn how to discuss relationship problems without fighting. The Gottman’s research found that 69% of problems in a relationship aren’t solvable. So, why don’t you try to stop solving your relationship problems? Sounds simple, right? If you are…

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Are you tired of having money and relationship problems. Here are five tips that can help with that.

The Uncomfortable Link Between Money And Relationship Problems

By Lianne Avila | November 6, 2018

Talking about money in a relationship, can be stressful. But, you really need to talk about this one. I know, no one likes to hear let’s talk about the budget. When you go into a relationship, you each come from a different family of origin. This means that you each have a different language. I have found that many couples have a different language (aka-belief system) about money. That is why money and relationship problems go together. After a while, you are going to have to talk about money. This can start when you are dating. This is not a…

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You can learn how to solve relationship problems without breaking up. There is hope.

How To Solve Relationship Problems Without Breaking Up

By Lianne Avila | September 18, 2018

Are you having problems in your relationship? If you answered yes, you aren’t alone. Even the best of couples, have relationship problems. It’s easy to feel stressed out these days. You have a family and a job. So, where does your relationship fit in? Many people go into a relationship, thinking it will make them happy and reduce stress. Many couples find out, this is not the case. You can learn how to solve relationship problems without breaking up. At first it is bliss. Your partner can’t do anything wrong. But, after a while things change. You begin to see…

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