Relationship Challenges

Learn why money causes problems in your relationship, and what these problems are really about.

6 Ways Money Causes Problems In Your Relationship

By Lianne Avila | August 14, 2018

You are told that money will make you happy. Maybe, you didn’t have much money growing up, or maybe you had everything. Whatever the case, you don’t want to let money define the relationship. Learn the truth about why money causes problems in your relationship. We live in a country that puts a high value on money. This can leave you feeling like you don’t have enough. You really can’t buy love. Money cannot replace the time you spend with your loved ones. It also can’t take back the past or predict the future. The truth of the matter, is…

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Are your relationship problems taking over? Learn what you can do.

Advice For Relationship Problems

By Lianne Avila | July 24, 2018

At the beginning of a relationship, when everything is new. You can’t imagine you would ever have any kind of a challenge in your relationship. You can’t see your partner’s flaws. The relationship makes you feel wonderful. But, eventually the honeymoon is over. You start to see your partner as a real human being. With flaws, like the rest of us. Relationship problems are part of every relationship. The Gottman’s research has found, that 69% of problems in a relationship are unsolvable. This means, learn to understand your partner and your problems in the relationship. Nothing is as black and…

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You aren't the same person you were when you got married. So, why do you expect your spouse to be? Learn how to fix a broken marriage before it's too late.

How To Fix A Broken Marriage Before It’s Too Late

By Lianne Avila | June 19, 2018

It’s the worst feeling in the world, when you realize your marriage is broken. You never thought this would happen. In the beginning, you felt it would last forever. Of course, you were mesmerized by the newness of the relationship. You did not see any of your partner’s flaws. At the beginning of your relationship you never thought you would have to worry about, how to fix a broken marriage. All marriages go through highs and lows. But, it feels much worse when it is broken. You wonder if it can ever be fixed? Your heart is breaking. You wonder…

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Learn what the negative sentiment override is, and how to get out of it.

Are You Stuck In The Negative Sentiment Override In Your Relationship?

By Lianne Avila | May 7, 2018

You heard it right. If you don’t know what the negative sentiment override is, then let me tell you. The Gottmans have done over four decades of research with couples. They found that couples either have the positive sentiment override, or the negative sentiment override. When you are stuck in the negative sentiment override, 50% of the time you don’t notice the positive in the relationship. Meaning, even when things are going well the relationship is ridden with the negative sentiment override. When the relationship is in the positive sentiment override. You know when your husband tells you he’ll be…

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We all know money causes relationship problems. Learn how to manage these problems

Learn Why Money Causes Relationship Problems & What To Do About It

By Lianne Avila | April 30, 2018

Men and women have been arguing about money since the beginning of time. Maybe, you make a lot of money, maybe you don’t. Whether you do or not, you still have your differences about money. Is your partner more of a saver? Are you more of a spender? You can have your differences about money and still have a happy marriage. What you first need to do is take a close look at why money causes relationship problems. Do you avoid talking about these issues? Do you hide the credit card bill? Do you tell your child not to tell…

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Can you think of at least 10 ways to love someone? It's not that difficult, start with saying, thank you.

10 Ways To Love Someone (That Are Really Simple)

By Lianne Avila | April 9, 2018

How do you show love to your partner? That is the question. What is the first thing you think of when you hear, 10 ways to love someone? Most of the time you show love the way you receive love. For example, if you like to touch, then you may hold your partners hand. If you like to receive compliments, then you may compliment your partner on how smart they are. There are many ways to show love. What’s important is that your partner gets that you are showing and expressing love towards them. If you have been in a…

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Learn why money causes problems in your relationship and what you can do about it.

Learn Why Money Causes Problems In Your Relationship

By Lianne Avila | April 3, 2018

Is money the root of all evil? Can you learn why money causes problems in your relationship? That really is the question. How often do you come across somebody that doesn’t want to make more money? I’m sure you probably want to make more money yourself. But, then what happens? You no sooner start making more money, and it’s not enough. Perfect example of money causing problems. So, how does this play out in your relationship? Whether both people in a relationship work outside the home, or one works outside the home. Money matters will always come up in a…

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A lifelong commitment doesn't have to be perfect. Learn how friendship can save a mariage.

The Friendship In Your Marriage Is A Lifelong Commitment

By Lianne Avila | March 27, 2018

When you think about a lifelong commitment, what do you think about? Is it a perfect home, perfect family or a perfect job. Maybe, it’s all three. Or, do you think of happily waking up to the next one you love? If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, then you know this is not what a lifelong commitment is about. After being in a relationship for a while, you begin to let your guard down. Maybe, you don’t jump up and brush your teeth first thing in the morning. You start to put off the chores and indulge…

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You can learn how to handle relationship problems after a miscarriage.

How To Handle Relationship Problems After A Miscarriage

By Lianne Avila | March 13, 2018

The dreaded news, that you didn’t want to hear. Yes, this really happened to you. You aren’t sure how to handle relationship problems after a miscarriage. Maybe, this was your first time being pregnant. The first stage is, ‘I can’t believe this is happening to me.’ This is actually exactly how you should feel. There is nothing wrong with your feelings. Now, the anger is setting in. ‘WHY, WHY, WHY.’ Anger is a natural feeling to have. Everyone has it. Allow yourself to feel your feelings. You can’t sweep everything under the carpet. You ask yourself, ‘what could you have…

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