Taking Care Of Yourself

10 Benefits of Telehealth Therapy During The Coronavirus

By Lianne Avila / April 27, 2020 /

You don’t have to be alone during the shelter in place order. Learn how Telehealth therapy can help.

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Feel better with a self-care plan.

Self-Care: 10 Simple Tips That Will Help You Feel Better

By Lianne Avila / March 24, 2020 /

Self-care will help you feel better. Start with taking 10 minutes a day for yourself. You can just sit and clear your mind, if you’d like.

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Learn what the benefits are of self-care. You will reduce stress and feel better.

Here Are 6 Reasons To Start Taking Care Of Yourself, Now

By Lianne Avila / February 4, 2020 /

It’s easy to put yourself last on the list. You have children, a husband and a job. This doesn’t leave much time for yourself. When you think of self-care it’s easy to think of getting a massage or a mani/pedi. Self-care is something you practice daily, and it’s taking care of your mind, body and…

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Learn some simple tips for taking care of yourself.

Taking Care Of Yourself Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Family

By Lianne Avila / April 17, 2018 /

You take care of everybody else, so, why aren’t you taking care of yourself? I know you know about putting your oxygen mask on first in an airplane. So, why are you putting yours on last? In the end you aren’t helping anyone. Are you starting to wonder why you are feeling burnt out, and…

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You can fall in love with taking care of yourself.

How To Fall In Love With Taking Care Of Yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit.

By Lianne Avila / January 2, 2018 /

The New Year is here. Where did 2017 go? It was gone in the blink of an eye. You did a great job of taking care of everyone else. You made sure the kids lunches were made and got them to school. You rocked your last presentation at the office. And, you did all of…

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Learn why you should be taking care of yourself. Learn why you should be taking care of yourself. You can have the life you imagined.

6 Serious Reasons Why You Should Be Taking Care Of Yourself

By Lianne Avila / May 11, 2017 /

Taking care of yourself is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It’s easy to put yourself last on the list. You take care of your family and you prioritize work. This doesn’t leave much time for yourself. Our bodies are like a car. They need fuel. Just like you need to…

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