Taking Care Of Yourself

7 Self-Care Activities That Will Reduce Stress

By Lianne Avila | November 15, 2020

You want to reduce stress, but you just don’t know how. There is laundry to fold. Working from home, and your kids are at home! You don’t know what to do with them. Make self-care a priority. You are feeling more and more overwhelmed. You may feel like you can’t take it anymore. If you feel this way, you aren’t alone. This has been a stressful year. Starting with the Coronavirus, violence and then the election. When will it end? The good news is that you don’t have to solve all the world problems. So, stop stressing yourself out trying...

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Self-Care For Parents During The Pandemic

By Lianne Avila | October 12, 2020

“It is so important to take time for yourself and find clarity. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.” Diane Von Furstenberg You need to make self-care a priority. I know we are in the middle of a pandemic, and it may not seem like there is an end in sight. For some, it means they are working harder, and for some they are working less. Parents make self-care a priority Regardless of where you fall, you don’t want to lose yourself in this pandemic. One of my favorite simple self-care techniques is to stop and...

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7 Self-Care Behaviors For Failure

By Lianne Avila | September 21, 2020

Failure doesn’t have to be a bad word. We have all experienced failure. We just don’t all like to admit it. If you look at some of the most successful people in the world, they will tell you they have had a number of failures. Self-Care behaviors allow you to move away from feeling stuck. Failure may be one of the hardest things to admit, but one of the best things for your mental health. By admitting to yourself that you have failed, it will allow you to move on. You can’t go back in life. This will allow you...

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Learn How To Rest Without Feeling Guilty

By Lianne Avila | September 14, 2020

You can learn how to rest without feeling guilty. What is it about feeling guilty for resting, anyway? I hear it all the time. Everyone is so busy. You can’t slow down and when you do, for some reason you feel guilty. Learn how to rest and feel good about it. Not only is it important to rest, but it’s important to engage in restful activities. Sure, you may have the 8 hours of sleep down. But, what types of restful activities are you engaging in? You will know if they are restful by how you feel. Meaning are you...

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What Is Self-Care? 5 Tips To Help You Develop A Self-Care Plan

By Lianne Avila | July 20, 2020

You hear a lot about self-care these days. But, research has found that a lot of people misunderstand what it means. A lot of people don’t feel they have enough time for an effective self-care plan. Self-care is something you practice daily. It’s taking care of you mind, body and soul. A lot of people feel self-care is about making themselves better. That is not the case. Self-care is about nurturing yourself. Self-Care Is A Nurturing Experience Setting aside time for yourself, is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Even, if it’s only ten minutes. You...

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Super Self-Care Tips That Will Help You Feel Better

By Lianne Avila | June 29, 2020

A super self-care plan is a must. Especially, during times of stress and uncertainty. Right now, it’s easy to put everyone else first. By doing this you are putting your emotional and physical health at risk. This doesn’t mean you are selfish. It’s important that you take care of yourself. Your friends and family will thank you for it. You will feel better and be happier. Super Self-Care Is For You A super self-care plan will also help you feel more like yourself. You will be more alert and aware. This is very important during this time. I find a...

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7 Ways Women Can Achieve Ultimate Wellness

By Lianne Avila | June 15, 2020

An ultimate wellness plan will help reduce the stress in your life. It’s important to make an investment in yourself. Studies have found you will live longer. Your mind and body give you warning signs. But, when you are stressed out you tend to ignore them. When you do this you are ignoring the ultimate wellness inside you. Ultimate wellness starts from within. You shouldn’t feel like you have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. And, you shouldn’t be around people that make you feel that way. You need to start to take responsibility for your...

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Why Can’t I Be Happy? 7 Things That Will Make You Happier

By Lianne Avila | June 1, 2020

You know when you feel happy and you know when you don’t. Are you asking yourself, ‘Why can’t I be happy?’ If that is the case, you aren’t alone. Many people rely on external validation to make them feel happy. This means they rely on their work, relationships, and income to feel happy. As you know, all of those things can change. You shouldn’t rely on others to make you feel happy. Why can’t I be happy? I have seen a lot of people in my practice. And, I have heard this question a lot. Happiness comes from within. You...

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15 Ultimate Self-Care Tips To Feed Your Body & Soul Today

By Lianne Avila | May 18, 2020

You hear a lot about self-care these days. It’s good for your mental health. But, many people in our society still aren’t practicing self-care. Ultimate self-care doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. Self-care is defined as a way of preventing stress. But, not everyone would agree with this. Ultimate self-care is for you. What is your environment like? Do you feel that contributes to your stress? I want to make sure you understand that self-care cannot change the people in your life, or the environment that you live in. The ultimate self-care plan can help you set the necessary...

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10 Tips (That Are Sure) To Help You Fall In Love With Your Life

By Lianne Avila | April 6, 2020

Have you ever felt your life is going in a downward spiral? If you answered yes, then you are like many folks out there. We have all felt that way at one time or another. Fall in love with your life. Your child won’t stop whining, you didn’t get that promotion you had hoped for, or your cat barfed again. When you feel this way, you don’t want to get caught up in catastrophic thinking. This is also known as negative thinking. When you think about it, life is a process and we are all a work in progress. If...

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